Wing Area 11,7 m2       Wheelbase 2,2 m       Baggage compartment 2 x 100 L



1 pilot and 3 passengers

Two ROTAX 912 S2

Power 100 H.P. (74 kW)

Fuel                                                  A-95, 100 LL

Max fuel capacity          130 * 2 = 260 L (190 kg)

Fuel Flow                                                  40 L/FH

Never Exceed Speed [Vne] 352 km/h 
The Maximum continuous thrust speed is 250 km/h | The Long range cruise speed is 195 km/h
Stall Speed (landing configuration) Vs0 102 km/h | Stall Speed (flaps retracted) Vs1 130 km/h
Max Range 1500 km / Endurance 6,5 h 
Take-off Run (at HTOW 1300 kg) 390 m | Landing Run 350 m
Max Take-off Weight 1300 kg
Empty Weight (include rescue system) 810 kg | Service ceiling 3000 m | Load factor +4/-2 G

Individuality is a key component of the project. We pay a great attention to every detail of interior.

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Flight Deck




V-24-I is equipped with modern navigation instrumentation, including autopilot. This fact allows to access necessary information in any time.

The possibility of installation of any equipment on customer’s desire. The precise analysis of every element of control panel, even location and luminance of signal indicators, has been carried out for these purposes. This provides pilot with the most significant information, not diverting him from the flight.


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