Grossglockner and Mont Blanc - May 2018

Ukrainian mountaineers from the "Vertical" club have conquered the highest mountain in Austria - Grossglockner and the highest point of the Alps and Europe - Mont Blanc. One of the climbers (Artem Polischuk), being an employee of Softex Aero LLC. has raised the flag of the company on the very top, as a symbol of the ascent and success of "Softex Aero"

SUN n FUN    2016 April 5-10

2016 April 5 to 10 we participated in Sun 'n Fun air show in US Florida with our aircraft V-24L and our two helicopters mockups V-52 and new helicopter VV-2


In July 24-27 2014 we have participated at International Aerospace Show “Aviasvit”. There we were presented V-24 aircraft and V-52 helicopter.

OSHKOSH   2015

In July 20-26 2015 we have participated at Oshkosh EAA Air Show. It was our first participation in USA Air Show.


In April 9 to 12 2014 we have participated in the exhibition with our V-24L aircraft which is equipped with two engines Lycoming IO 320.

MEBAA   2014

Our debut at MEBA December 8-10 2014. We have participated with our V-24L aircraft with two equipped American legendary engines Lycoming IO 320.

ABACE   2013

Our first international exhibition participation ABACE 2013 with our V-24 aircraft with two engines Rotax 912S, V-52 and VV-2 mockup helicopters.

Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Peak (or Lenin's Peak) - August 2019

During the beginning of August of 2019, a successful expedition was made by a group of climbers to Lenin's Peak, also known as Ibn Sina (Aviceena) Peak.


Artem Polishcuk, an employee of Softex Aero LLC. has raised the flag of the company at yet another height, symbolizing the success of the company.

Lenin Peak

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